New music from CAVE – listen to “Beaux” from Allways incoming on Drag City on the 19th Oct

(Photo by Michael Vallera)
The CAVE rave has really livened up since we announced their new album Allways, their first since the time-fractaling opus, Threace. Following their five-year hiatus, the quintet of Cooper Crain, Rex McMurry, Rob Frye, Dan Browning, and Jeremy Freeze hasn’t missed a beat – in fact, CAVE have fearlessly dug down into their repetitive groove and emerged with a funk-flavoured colour that expands the palette well beyond what you may have come to crave from CAVE previously. No better example from Allways exists than their new single “Beaux“, an illustration of just how purely the moods can come together in a single day of a CAVE recording session.
With Rex McMurry’s percussion locked in to a new dimension of funk looseness (we’re feeling the Bohannon vibes), setting the tone for shuffling riffs to settle in with each other, “Beaux” expands over the course of nearly ten minutes with such an easy attitude it’ll make you wonder why it can’t go on for another hour. To satiate further CAVE cravings you can also revisit the video for previous album single, San’Yago.
Allways shall be released on October 19th, and can be pre-ordered here. CAVE’s US tour begins today, dates can be found on the Drag City artist page

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