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The Melvins have a busy February ahead of them, releasing a trio of albums via Ipecac Recordings on Feb. 26: a new Melvins 1983 release named Working With God as well as a pair of vinyl reissues: Hostile Ambient Takeover and Gluey Porch Treatments.

Working With God is the second release from the 1983 iteration of the band, which features Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover and original drummer Mike Dillard. The trio’s previous release was the 2013 album, Tres Cabrones.

Excerpts from the bio provided by the band…

Working With God could be considered a little more focused than the last Melvins’ 1983 album, Tres Cabrones, but that’s debatable.

Working With God is a damn good record.
It’s the album bands like Green Day and Metallica wish they could put out if they only had the guts.
Foo Fighters maybe but probably not.
Once again, no guts…

It takes true grit and real lower middle class tenacity to take on making a record like Working With God.
It’s the no BS approach that turns people on.
At this point everyone’s sick of everything so Working With God makes perfect sense.

When asked why they called this record Working With God they said it was because it was time to get right with the lord.

Once they added up all the crimes and bad shit they’d gotten away with up to now it seemed like a good idea.

Will it work?
Listen and find out.


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