Godflesh - A World Lit Only By Fire
Godflesh – A World Lit Only By Fire
Godflesh Decline and Fall EP

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Godflesh (image by VB)
Godflesh (image by VB)
Photo Credit Kevin Laska
Photo Credit Kevin Laska

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Industrial metal innovators Godflesh have released their highly anticipated full length A World Lit Only By Fire, on October 6 on their own Avalanche Recordings label. The album arrives on the heels of June’s Decline And Fall EP, which was met with widespread acclaim for its effortless synthesis of the duo’s fan-favoured early albums, themselves groundbreaking genre experiments that pioneered an integration of electronic music’s bombastic rhythms, metal’s bludgeoning force, and post punk’s aural atmospherics. Whereas the new EP succeeded by fulfilling listener expectations, the full length exceeds them; delivering a full force exploration of the furthest boundaries of Godflesh’s extreme sonics, and then pushing beyond them, detailing the rich musical experience accrued in the dozen year span and countless musical projects (Jesu, Final, Vitriol, Greymachine, Techno Animal, etc.) between recordings.

The duo, comprised of legendary talents of Justin Broadrick (also of Jesu, JK Flesh, Techno Animal, Pale Sketcher, and more) and GC Green, formed in 1988 in the same fertile Birmingham, UK scene that forged the talents of Napalm Death, Carcass, and Head of David among many others. Initially disbanding in 2002, the band resumed live performances in 2010 and began the arduous work of crafting a follow up to 2001’s Hymns. The resultant self-recorded ten song set mounts the thin line between high definition clarity and raw, visceral heaviness, inducing a meditative state via seething minimalism that hinges on ritualistic riff repetition and the tenuous membrane between anxiety-inducing dissonance and cathartic minor key melody.

Godflesh have released a new track off  A World Lit Only By Fire. Titled after the ancient Roman translation for commander, “Imperator” is a tempestuous and tyrannical spew of industrial sounds, battered out by down-tuned eight-string guitar, scuzzed-up bass-lines and rapid-fire double pedal kicks, all driven forward at a marching pace by the soaring vocal of Justin Broadrick.  Whilst this evocative, visceral track encompasses Godflesh’s heavy industrial roots to-the-core, it also reveals a more melodic side to the brand new album, especially compared to the previously unleashed “New Dark Ages”, giving fans a broad sense of what they can expect.




1. New Dark Ages
2. Deadend
3. Shut Me Down
4. Life Giver Life Taker
5. Obeyed
6. Curse Us All
7. Carrion
8. Imperator
9. Towers of Emptiness
10. Forgive Our Fathers


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