Montréal electronic T. Gowdy announces new album (and Constellation debut) Therapy With Colour, 8th May


Therapy With Colour is the Constellation debut by Montréal-based producer and sound artist T. Gowdy, who has released three prior albums of exquisitely textured, predominantly ambient electronic music (most recently Pachira Aquatica via Shimmering Moods Records in 2019). His sublime audio/visual performances have featured at MUTEK (Montréal and Barcelona) and Spektrum (Berlin), alongside his ongoing work as an in-demand producer/engineer with over fifty album credits to date, including Suuns (Secretly Canadian), Ensemble (Fat Cat) and Ada Lea (Saddle Creek) to name just a few. 

Therapy With Colour is Gowdy’s most sonically and conceptually acute solo work to date, inspired by experiments with the Nova Pro 100 Light and Sound Mind Machine (among the best-known home hypnosis “mind machine” devices, first released in the late 1990s). For Gowdy, the ritualised therapeutic reprogramming of consciousness that this technology purports to effect has two primary personal dimensions: “to explore psychological ‘debiasing’ and decorrelation of heteronormative narratives that exist within my familial, intimate and economic relationships; to let flow neutral communication with the self and others” and to circumvent the technical biases and temporal blockages endemic to digital audio workstations and the computer-based editing that governs production of most electronic music.

The album’s five tracks are extracted from live, linear, real-time stereo recordings that have their origins in an audio/visual collaboration between Gowdy and light artist Laura Buckley (whose scanner artwork features on the album cover and packaging). The music on Therapy With Colour is indeed meditative, but in a resolutely contemporary and highly engaging way. These tracks steer clear of gauzy New Age tropes, slow-moving drone, or  environmental music. Consistent with theories of “mind machine” brainwave synchronization, they involve techno-adjacent pulse and rhythm that reward active listening, while working co-equally as dissociative concentration music. Each of the five songs has a distinct vibe but constitute a deeply satisfying and cohesive flow.  

Constellation remark, “from the day Gowdy dropped this record on us a few months ago, devoid of context or background notes, we’ve probably listened to it more than anything else – not realizing we’d been self-medicating. But we can see everything so much more clearly now.”


T. Gowdy is a Canadian music producer, audio/visual performer and sound artist. He has performed live works in venues across North America and Europe, such as at MUTEK (Montréal, Barcelona), Pico Union Project (L.A.) and Spektrum (Berlin). After studying choral music and classical guitar, Gowdy pursued graduate studies in sound recording. Over the past 12 years he has accrued production and engineering credits on over 60 albums.Since 2017, T. Gowdy has released three solo records: B-Stock (2018), Vitrify Kate (Liberation Through Hearing, 2018) and Pachira Aquatica, released internationally with Shimmering Moods (2019). As a sound artist Gowdy was Eastern Bloc’s Data Salon XXXIII Artist in Residence (2019). “My work is less about the outcome than it is a transformation. I am interested in communicating the feeling of suspension, a bridge through space. Nothing is able to touch in this space but there is a shared feeling of connection through disorientation.” – T. Gowdy


Genre: ElectronicRIYL: Actress, Andrea Parker, Laurie Spiegel, Huerco S., Reinhard Voigt, Jan Jelinek, James Turrell 

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