Fly Pan Am share new single “Each Ether” from their new album; C’est Ça incoming via Constellation 20th Sept

Fly Pan Am 2019
Fly Pan Am 2019


Fly Pan Am quietly reunited in late 2017 for purely artistic reasons (needless to say), to explore making new music together after more than a decade spent in pursuit of separate sonic adventures. Within weeks, it was clear the band was firing on all cylinders again, brimming with electricity and eager to pick up where they’d left off with their last album N’écoutez pas back in 2004: pushing further into full-spectrum intersections of noise pop, post-punk, power electronics and musique concrète, while continuing to incorporate shrouded, textural vocals as alternately melodic and visceral components. The latest track “Each Ether” is an excellent example of this. The band offer the following sentiments about the inspiration for the track, “numbed out escapist daydreamers addicted to infinite online vistas, obsessively streaming away from the void into a myriad of vain reflections…”

C’est çais a brilliant return to form for Fly Pan Am – an album of renewed vitality and experimentation where rock structures underpinned by J.S. Truchy’s trademark rapid-fire bass and Félix Morel’s disciplined, ascetic drumming are submerged beneath waves of processed guitar by Roger Tellier-Craig and Jonathan Parant, with fluorescent noise treatments and sonic vandalisms wrought by all four. “Distance Dealer”, “Each Ether” and “Interface Your Shattered Dreams” nod to important influences like MBV and Hüsker Dü, while collapsing into/out of themselves in various ways. “One Hit Wonder”, “Bleeding Decay” and “Discreet Channeling” vault some of Fly Pan Am’s earliest reference points into the present: namely, the intrepid proto-Kosmiche of This Heat and Can, and later style-adjacent torchbearers like Boredoms, Flying Saucer Attack and Trans Am.

But Fly Pan Am have always and reliably been much more than the sum of their influences and of their own constituent parts. C’est ca is terrific slab of restless, conceptual, psych-cosmic noise rock that could come from no other band, forged by four musicians with long histories both together and apart. Following years of sonic exploration in all sorts of other projects and guises, whether in rock/punk/pop groups like Pas Chic ChicFeu ThérèseAvec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche and Panopticon Eyelids (to name just a few) or through a wide range of experimental electronic and audio-art projects – including Roger Tellier Craig and J.S. Truchy each with solo releases on Root Strata, and Truchy having run the Los Discos Enfantasmes label for several years – Fly Pan Am have reconvened with all four original members and made a new record sparkling with the creative buzz of lifelong artistic intensity, dialogue and friendship.  

Track list:
1. Avant-gardez vous
2. Distance Dealer
3. Bleeding Decay
4. Dizzy Delusions
5. Each Ether
6. Alien Syntropy
7. One Hit Wonder
8. Discreet Channeling
9. Interface Your Shattered Dreams

20 September – Ritz PDB, Montreal, QC 

21 September – Feast In East Festival, Toronto, ON 

22 September – Niagara Artists’ Centre, St. Catharines, ON 

24 September – Meteor, Windsor, ON 

25 September – This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton, ON 

26 September – The Mansion, Kingston, ON 

27 September – Silence, Guelph, ON 

28 September – 27 Club, Ottawa, ON

In addition to these shows, Fly Pan Am will also be perming a live soundtrack as part of the multimedia FRONTERA dance piece at the following dates:

20 November – Grand Théâtre, Québec City, QC
4-7 December – Place des Arts, Montréal, QC
19-20 February – National Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON
For more info on FRONTERA, please visit their website: Frontera


“Chockfull of ideas… Nothing stays still for long in this colourful thunderstorm of pattering drumbeats, motorik bass grooves, restless rhythm changes, sparkling electronics, general stomping and shimmering, disruptive static fuzz, and the kind of dense & woozy guitar effects that Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine took whole decades of his life trying to perfect.” – THE QUIETUS 

“Fly Pan Am were one of the key groups of Constellation’s first wave, sharing both a style (orchestrated post-rock) and a member (multi-instrumentalist Roger Tellier-Craig) with GY!BE. Dormant since 2004, C’est ça finds the group revived and renewed, now working from a palette of shoegaze, krautrock and – in their words – “sonic vandalism”. But there’s the mark of a firm editor’s hand here, with various deft interventions – screamo vocals, sudden edits and bursts of strafing electronic noise – emphasizing a mood of playful ephemerality.” –  THE WIRE

“Using the extended instrumental motif as a vehicle toward achieving musical nirvana, this Montreal quartet adheres to minimalist principles while stretching the boundaries of guitar/bass/drums with electronic hiss and other sound composites.” – MAGNET

“Fly Pan Am is not afraid to flirt with the bizarre in reaching for the sublime, and the result is challenging music of considerable integrity.” – COPPER PRESS

Fly Pan Am @ Constellation

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