T. Gowdy shares new a/v single “Emerald Teeth”, part of Constellation’s Corona Borealis series

By Stacy Lee
Photo by Stacy Lee


The fifth entry in Constellation’s Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series arrives today from T. Gowdy. “Emerald Teeth” is a riveting follow-up to the Montreal producer’s Constellation debut Therapy With Colour, which came out earlier this year. With an experimental film by multimedia artist Kai Luen Liang.. 100% of proceeds go to the artist.

An étude on the sculpturality of resilience. Timbres are squeezed together in a small suction filled compression chamber to produce a warped temporal mould, highlighting the role of pressure as a shaping element. Zooming out to see larger circumstantial compression chambers forming curves in the broader structures of social organization. Across the various permutations of scale, resilience is an engraving in time. – T. Gowdy

T. Gowdy
“Emerald Teeth”

Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series Constellation 2020

Music by T. Gowdy
Video by Kai Luen Liang

“Emerald Teeth” is exclusive to Bandcamp and PWYC for the first week of release. Gowdy’s latest album Therapy With Colour will also be on sale digitally during this time. Proceeds from all these sales go 100% to the artist, as part of Constellation’s pandemic initiative for immediate artist support.

T. Gowdy Single Artwork
T. Gowdy Single Artwork

About the artist:

T. Gowdy is a Canadian music producer, audio/visual performer and sound artist. He has performed live works in venues across North America and Europe, such as at MUTEK (Montreal, Barcelona), Pico Union Project (L.A.) and Spektrum (Berlin). After studying choral music and classical guitar, Gowdy pursued graduate studies in sound recording and has since accrued production and engineering credits on over 60 albums. Since 2017 he released three solo albums: B-Stock (2018), Vitrify Kate (Liberation Through Hearing, 2018) and Pachira Aquatica, released internationally with Shimmering Moods (2019).

Gowdy’s Constellation debut Therapy With Colour was released earlier this year, earning praise for its “vivacity and effervescent energy” (Beats Per Minute) and declaring Gowdy as “a master of his craft” (Exclaim!). Following the album release he has taken part in a number of events, both in-person and digitally, including the MUTEK Montreal presentation of de Bias at Société des arts technologiques, NODE Festival Frankfurt, and a live performance for TBD Presents in Santa Barbara. He is currently curating an audio/visual series entitled Experience Imperialism, which showcases the work of Montreal artists exploring modern surveillance culture and the ways in which human experiences are used to gain profit and exert control without individual consent or knowledge.

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