Rangda return with a new album in February 2016 via Drag City

 Rangda return with a new album next year. The trio comprising Sir Richard Bishop, Ben Chasny and Chris Corsano strike again with The Heretic’s Bargain in February 2016, an album which reinforces Rangda as a band with a shared intuition, not merely the sum of three separate (though great) parts.

After years of recording and touring together, Bishop and Chasny’s guitar playing has mutated via some kind of lateral gene transfer of their musical DNA, and the rhythms ridden by Rangda feel mutually funded – Corsano’s beat-making is as fine-lined and rawly inspired as ever.

 The Heretic’s Bargain takes territories that Rangda explored on their first two albums – the abraded fury and free forms of False Flag and the serpentine Rang-dang-doodle songatechture from Formerly Extinct – and evolves further their lattice of interlocking intricacies, bringing forward new chances and challenges to their methodology and establishing a propulsive, unified structure.


 Lots of ground is covered, but it’s all part of the same earth. Until you fall off the edge in the end. The Heretic’s Bargain is released on February 19th via Drag City.

It’s jittery and restless in the best way, eager to break beyond the supposed limitations of their setup and make contact with their countless mutual points of interest, all within a wonderful 40 minutes.” – ROCK A ROLLA

Impressive is how much territory Rangda manage to cover without getting tied up in knots…when the beats are rolling through, the riffs are flying by, and Rangda’s instrumental rock breaks down the urge to compare and assimilate.” – THE WIRE

Individually these three hombres boast incredible pedigrees: together they achieve a level of fervent interplay that’s exhilarating to hear.” – UNCUT [8/10]

Chasny and Bishop’s spidery, circular riffs not best recall Slint and on revelatory 12-minute slow-fest Silver Nile, latter-day Earth; yet each time they break free of their own locked groove, achieving mood-elevating uplift via genius structural shifts, or wig-flippin’ solos spiritually comparable with Hendrix or Neil Young. Somewhere in the ether, Balinese demon queen Rangda is doubtless shaking her booty in admiration.” – MOJO [4 STARS]


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