Kranky to reissue Loscil’s coast/ range/ arc// available for the first time on LP incoming October 16th

Named after the geographic formations of the seismically volatile Cascadian coastal mountains, the coast/range/arc// reissue features new artwork and an additional track.

Remastered by James Plotkin and available on vinyl for the first time.  

Track listing:
1. Black Tusk

2. Fromme

3. Stave Peak

4. Névé

5. Brohms Ridge

6. Goat Mountain

7. Black Tusk (descent) 

Quotes for coast/ range/ arc//:

“coast/range/arc represents a solid and compelling expansion of loscil’s sound.” – Dusted

Vancouver-based sound sculptor Scott Morgan doesn’t make bad albums.”– Exclaim!

“This is ambient music in the classic sense.” – Boomkat

It’s not hard to hear a parallel between the slow-motion developments within Morgan’s pieces and the shifts that occur imperceptibly in natural phenomena.”– Texture

In other kranky news, on October 2nd the label are to reissue the self-titled LP from Aix Em Klemm, the moniker of the ambient music project consisting of Adam Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid/ A Winged Victory for the Sullen) Robert Donne (Labradford/Anjou). One track on the Aix Em Klemm album, “Sparkwood and Twenty-One”, was written and recorded in one day. The duo took the mysterious name Aix Em Klemm and the self-titled debut was released in the autumn of 2000. As of late, Wiltzie lives in Brussels, and Donne joined Stars of the Lid on their last tour of Europe in 2016 playing modular synth. They still collaborate musically so new Aix Em Klemm recordings remain a possibility. 

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