Guy Andrews to release [MT][NT][ET] via Houndstooth on 11th Nov

Credit Mick Frank

A reflection on what we value and how we adapt to change in our lives

Following the release of Permanence in September, musician/producer Guy Andrews is to release the next chapter in his latest autobiographical work. [MT][NT][ET] shall arrive on 11th November via Houndstooth on digital format with the option to purchase a print by Totnes based artist Jenny Frances. This shall be followed by remixes from Kevin Drumm January 22nd 2021, more on these very soon.


[MT][NT][ET] is a separate body of work linked to Permanence in the sense that it continues the narrative of highly personal autobiographical songwriting and sound design. Whilst Permanence tackled the concept of change, [MT][NT][ET] tackles how Guy and those around him adapt to major changes. This is done under the umbrella concept of sleep as a currency, and its subjective value differing to those experiencing major milestones – whether it is the birth of new life, the pressures of adult life and work, or the end of life.

Guy expands on his process, “the work starts off with a recording of me writing a journal entry, which then triggers the synthesised sounds that launch the composition. I had a strong motivation to use this very organic sound of a pencil writing on paper to show that the work is more an observation from my point of view – both of the people’s testimonials in relation to sleep, and of my own. The work is a very personal reflection on how what I value now could change, and how I’d deal with that.”

The artwork is by Jenny Frances, the same artist who designed the cover for Permanence. About this visual aspect, Guy comments “this time the work I felt reflected the overall theme of sleep and the mental activity that occurs within sleep. There’s a lot of intricacy and complexity to the artwork which was in part made via natural means – such as water sprayed onto the wet ink, which ties into the naturally occuring textures within [MT][NT][ET].”

Read on for further info about Guy Andrews’ latest body of work, Permanence & [MT][NT][ET]

There is an honesty, openness and raw nature that defines Guy’s music, which has always been guided by his emotional responses to events in his life. This new work is the evolution of his sonic storytelling, going deeper into Guy’s psyche and exploring his own genius loci or spirit of place. Part of a personal evolution and realisation of what is important to Guy, discovering that making music as a means of creative expression is far more meaningful than simply succumbing to an internal pressure or to the commercialisation of being creative.

Guy pushes his creativity out of his comfort zone, leveraging sound design with composition to further express his own ‘language’ of textures (rather than lyrics and melody) to articulate feelings and to process life experiences. Every layer of sound carries purpose and meaning. The resulting record is designed to be listened to as one continuous long-playing piece of textural music, and for the audience to draw their own sense of meaning.

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