Guy Andrews details Kevin Drumm remix record for Jan 2021


Photo by Mick Frank

London-based musician/producer Guy Andrews announces details of a remix release by the formidable musician Kevin Drumm, Transmogrifications, incoming via Houndstooth on January 22nd 2021. Drumm transforms two pieces in particular, one from Permanence (which was released in September) and another from Guy’s most recent work, [MT][NT][ET] which is out today, also via Houndstooth.

“Guy essentially said that he’d rather not hear his own music played back to him…So with that in mind, it freed me up to drastically transform his material…it was a good experience taking something that is quite different than what I usually get up to and turn it into something different than what it is in its original form”, Kevin Drumm hints.

Guy Andrews goes deeper still, “I wanted to hear Kevin reply to my work, like we were having a conversation via our methods of composition, rather than just doing a regular remix. I’m glad he accepted this invitation and made it his own.” He continues, “Kevin writes ambient music that plays tricks on, and surprises its listeners. There aren’t many artists I’ve found who can manage that. He seems interested in textual composition, which is where we are similar, but he takes his work in a very different direction to my own. He felt like an interesting artist to approach with the concept of remixing two long-playing pieces of music, as I knew he’d just take the work into an entirely different universe.”


Read on for further info about Guy Andrews’ latest body of work, Permanence & [MT][NT][ET]

There is an honesty, openness and raw nature that defines Guy’s music, which has always been guided by his emotional responses to events in his life. This new work is the evolution of his sonic storytelling, going deeper into Guy’s psyche and exploring his own genius loci or spirit of place. Part of a personal evolution and realisation of what is important to Guy, discovering that making music as a means of creative expression is far more meaningful than simply succumbing to an internal pressure or to the commercialisation of being creative.

Guy pushes his creativity out of his comfort zone, leveraging sound design with composition to further express his own ‘language’ of textures (rather than lyrics and melody) to articulate feelings and to process life experiences. Every layer of sound carries purpose and meaning. The resulting record is designed to be listened to as one continuous long-playing piece of textural music, and for the audience to draw their own sense of meaning.

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