Copenhagen-based punk trio Halshug share their latest single “Kæmper Imod”; their latest album Drøm incoming this July, plus pre-orders posted

Photo by Ivan Riordan Boll
By Ivan Riordan Boll

Copenhagen-based trio Halshug are preparing for the July release their third studio full-length, Drøm, through Southern Lord, and this week share the new single and album opener “Kæmper Imod.” 

About the new single, Halshug guitarist Mathias Schønberg comments, “‘Kæmper Imod’ is a song about losing. The title translates to ‘resisting’ or ‘fighting back’ but the lyrics are defeatist as hell. Back when crust-punk was big there was often a sense of resist-to-exist kind of encouragement in the music – there is none of that in this one. This song is about being tied down and not having any agency. It’s about failing to resist. Fun fact though: I’m not sure if anyone can tell, but the guitar part was heavily inspired by a Smashing Pumpkins song.” 

Stream Halshug’s “Kæmper Imod

Revisit the official video for “Fantast

On Drøm, the trio expands their sound from the dirge-driven d-beat of their earlier albums Sort Sind (2016) and Blodets Bånd (2015), and explores the dynamics of longer songs, more audible lyrics, and altered tempos, which result in different shades of industrial, dark-wave, and post-punk. Drøm was recorded by Simon Sonne (Orm) in Copenhagen, mixed at Dead Air Studio in Western Massachusetts (The Men, Warthog), and mastered by Peter Peter (The Sods, Bleeder). 

Southern Lord, who has delivered Halshug’s prior two LP’s, will release Drøm on LP and digital formats worldwide on July 19th. Find preorders at Bandcamp and physical preorder options at the label webshop

Halshug Live Dates:

07/09/2019 Vaterland – Oslo, NO

12/09/2019 1000Fryd – Aalborg, DK

13/09/2019 Radar – Aarhus, DK

14/09/2019 Stengade – København, DK

20/09/2019 Kulturhuset – Gøteborg, SE

27/09/2019 Plan B – Malmø, SE

28/09/2019 Hus 7 – Stockholm, SE

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