Circuit des Yeux tour dates approaching

Circuit des Yeux tour dates approaching

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Circuit Des Yeux is heading to Europe next month, putting a lighter tone on these darker months, with support from TALsounds. This tour marks the first opportunity to see CdY perform Reaching For Indigo live in its entirety. These dates are fast approaching, so follow the warm vibes and go see Circuit des Yeux at one of the dates below…


6/2/2018 at Festival Antigel in Geneva, CH
7/2/2018 at One of a Million Festival in Baden, CH
8/2/2018 at Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg, DE w/ TALsounds
9/2/2018 at Kantine am Berghain in Berlin, DE w/ TALsounds
10/2/2018 at Vinterjazz in Copenhagen, DK w/ TALsounds
12/2/2018 at Galerie Vorn und Oben ( ) in Eupen, BE w/ TALsounds
13/2/2018 at ACCA in Brighton, UK w/ TALsounds
14/2/2018 at The Lexington in London, UK w/ TALsounds
15/2/2018 at Vooruit in Gent, BE w/ TALsounds
16/2/2018 at Espace B in Paris, FR w/ TALsounds
17/2/2018 at Worm in Rotterdam, NL w/ TALsounds
19/2/2018 The Rest Is Noise/Muziekgebouw  in Amsterdam, NL w/ TALsounds
20/2/2018 at Gewolbe in Koln, DE w/ TALsounds
21/2/2018 at Rotondes in Luxembourg, LU w/ TALsounds

Check out incoming USA dates with Ka Baird on the Drag City website.



#10 in the Wire’s album of the year listings

“There are many singers you could compare Haley Fohr, aka Circuit Des Yeux, to…the point is that none of these comparisons are sufficient, as her sound and musical direction are magnificently singular…Reaching For Indigo is rich, dark and incisive; a work of immense beauty.” – RECORD COLLECTOR 4*

“Arresting, ambitious and dazzling…a complex, beguiling masterpiece to be clutched tightly to the heart.” – NARC

“Her uniqueness remains compelling, even while swimming through the darkness, searching for light.”- LOUD AND QUIET

“Fohr’s extraordinarily expressive baritone – echoing Nina Simone, Nico and Scott Walker – is the centre of her songs, which range far and wide compositionally, recalling Diamanda Galas on “Philo” and Meredith Monk on “Paper Bag, while kicking up a gnarly, psych-folk storm on “A Story Of This World Part II.” – UNCUT

“Every chapter is fast-paced fantasy, with every song transition coming at the apex of highest tension. Epic crescendos and operatic vibrato on Philo are subtly underpinned by strings…. Whether her latest set of stories – epic and experimental of a lustful, Wagnerian prog-rock vogue – concern the author is unclear, but Fohr is at the forefront of every moment; an exciting frontwoman and impressive songwriter.” – SKINNY

“Achieves even greater levels of emotional richness.”- WIRE

“It is my mode of true expression,” Circuit des Yeux said of her voice back in 2015, around the release of In Plain Speech. That declaration still clings fast to this album, with its impressive vocal acrobatics that often substitute language for sounds. But while confessional songwriting is by its very nature inward-looking, on Reaching For Indigo Fohr selflessly offers a hand to the listener – create your own language, if you so wish.”- FACT

“Reaching for Indigo is a record that may give you renewed hope that music can be both joyfully accessible and thoroughly original at the same time. Let’s face it, this is probably going to be the best album of the year isn’t it?” – CRACKLE

“More than a fantastic record, Reaching for Indigo adds value to the human experience” – MUSIC AND RIOTS

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