Circuit des Yeux shifts through the atmosphere on the new video for “Brainshift”

Circuit des Yeux shifts through the atmosphere on the new video for

Brainshift – came like a tidal wave. Closest to the sun you’ve been – a thousand miles away. There you’ll see the clouds and call out the rain. The world wants an oath, but all you can say is: “I promise to take up space. I can only promise to take up space.”

The imperceptible shifts of being are illuminated, elevated and celebrated on Circuit des Yeux’s shattering new album Reaching For Indigo. As the first sounds and words you hear, “Brainshift” causes the floor to drop from beneath you, as you travel deep within Haley Fohr’s psyche. This is a trip she takes every day, but one that makes for breathless listening for the rest of us. Haley’s unflinching power and volitant lyrical croon spiral we, the listener, through layers of intimacy and diffraction. Sophisticated, yet hauntingly raw.

The video, directed by brownshoesonly, pursues the piercing minimalist ethos of the song itself, as Haley becomes one with the waves of sound, achieving the wholeness of Circuit des Yeux by simply being.


Should this all-too-brief visitation not be enough for you, in just a few short weeks, Circuit des Yeux is bringing music to select cities in the Midwest, and East Coast of America, followed by Europe next year.


6/2/2018 at Festival Antigel in Geneva, CH
7/2/2018 at One of a Million Festival in Baden, CH
8/2/2018 at Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg, DE
9/2/2018 at Kantine am Berghain in Berlin, DE
10/2/2018 at Vinterjazz in Copenhagen, DK
12/2/2018 at Galerie Vorn und Oben in Eupen, BE
13/2/2018 at ACCA in Brighton, UK
14/2/2018 at The Lexington in London, UK
15/2/2018 at Vooruit in Gent, BE
16/2/2018 at Espace B in Paris, FR
17/2/2018 at Worm in Rotterdam, NL
19/2/2018 at Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam, NL
20/2/2018 at Gewolbe in Koln, DE
21/2/2018 at Rotondes in Luxembourg, LU

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