Centuries share the new track ‘The Endless Descent” from their upcoming album on Southern Lord

Centuries share the new track 'The Endless Descent
(photo supplied by the band)

As Centuries prepare to release their second LP, The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding through Southern Lord on 26th January, a new single “The Endless Descent” is now streaming. Listen here: https://centuriessl.bandcamp.com/

About the new album the band remark…”The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding is a dark album that carries a theme of constant self-doubt. It follows how we choose to accept our loses and the reaction to life, as well as the journey we take to make peace with the demons we’ve made.”

The album was recorded in February 2017 by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business (Catharsis, Torch Runner, The Body), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, Black Breath, Halshug), and completed with artwork by Phil Trona. Check out European tour dates below.


28/04/18 GER Greifswald Klex
29/04/18 SWE Gothenburg Sekten
30/04/18 SWE Stockholm Firestorm Fest
01/05/18 SWE Malmö
02/05/18 DK Copenhagen
03/05/18 GER Hamburg
04/05/18 NL Amsterdam/Utrecht Fest
05/05/18 GER Cologne Privat
06/05/18 BE Antwerp Kavka
07/05/18 FR Paris La Comedia Michelet
08/05/18 CH / FR
09/05/18 GER Stuttgart Juha West
10/05/18 GER Bielefeld/GER Weimar
11/05/18 GER Berlin Miss the Stars Fest
+ + +
12/05/18 CZ Prague **
13/05/18 AT Vienna Venster 99 **
14/05/18 HRO Zagreb AKC Attack **
15/05/18 IT Bolzano Bunker Youth Center TBA **
16/05/18 AT Innsbruck DeCentral **
17/05/18 GER Regensburg Alte Mälzerei **
18/05/18 GER Darmstadt Oettinger Villa **
19/05/18 GER Leipzig/Halle **
**Dates without Centuries. Portrayal Of Guilt only

Southern Lord will release The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding on LP and digital formats on January 26th, 2018. Find preorders at the
European label webstore and Bandcamp where the track “Bygones” is also streaming.

“Fusing elements of dissonant hardcore, d-beat punk, and a knack for walloping tones, the band has taken the last five years and honed the overall sound and writing approach. This latest effort affords a new level of intensity and artistry.” – BLOW THE SCENE


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