Centuries announce details of their Southern Lord debut, ‘Taedium Vitae’

Centuries announce details of their Southern Lord debut, 'Taedium Vitae'
Centuries (Image by Chuck Johnson)

Ferocious Florida hardcore unit Centuries explode into our consciousness and attack our senses this August 5th with their Southern Lord debut full length, Taedium Vitae.

Recorded just a few short months ago with Kris Hillbert at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, the resulting album is a relentless barrage of abrasive, blackened, emotive hardcore played with utmost intensity and a strong sense of urgency.

On Taedium Vitae, Centuries take their potent brew of dark hardcore, tragic melodies, volatile d-beat leanings and emotive angst-ridden vocal assault to extreme new levels.

They might be young, but they have already gained great reputation in their home state for being one of the most sincere, intense and hardworking bands, what’s more, on Taedium Vitae, they have carved a bold and assured sound which would lead anyone to believe they have been cutting their teeth for decades already.

Having toured Europe in late 2012 with Poland’s Drip Of Lies, we cross our fingers and hope that they can make it over again in support of this feral new record.

Cover art and tracklisting is revealed below:

 Centuries - Taedium Vitae


1. Incipit Tragoedia

2. Caeruleus

3. Pessum Ire

4. Metus

5. Gelu

6. Egelidus

7. Grave Cordibus

8. Servisse

9. Irrita


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