Carla Bozulich dates on the horizon

Carla Bozulich (photo credit: Dawid Laskowski)
(photo credit: Dawid Laskowski)

Art-punk songwriter and firebrand musician Carla Bozulich returns to Europe this September performing live shows and workshops (with some dates still to be fleshed out). These dates include a two day residency at Cafe Oto, where she shall draw upon her Constellation Records catalogue one night and opt for a more “noisey affair” the other. Full dates are below.

Carla recently penned this astonishing piece for The Quietus about the paradoxes of surviving rape, Mohamed Ali, the jagged gems and yielding rocks that build our fluid self, and feeling mighty, glamorous and powerful, proud and velveteen. Featuring a spoken word performance and video for her Evangelista project’s ‘Enter the Prince’.


14-15.09.16 – London, UK, Café Oto
17.09.16 – Southend-On-Sea, UK, Fisherman’s Chapel
20.09.16 – Hull, UK, The Adelphi
21.09.16 – Nottingham, UK, Chameleon Arts Café
23.09.16 – Torino, IT, Superbudda
28.09.16 – Udine, IT, A Cinematic Collaboration Of Great Adventure
06.10.16 – Terni, IT, TBD
07.10.16 – Firenze, IT, TBD
08.10.16 – Napoli, IT, TBD
09.10.16 – Avellino, IT, TBD
10-18.10.16 – Paris, FR, University of Chicago School, Sound Abuse Workshop
19.10.16 – Amsterdam, NL, OCCii, w/Brutal Measures (Lydia Lunch & Weasel Walter)
21.10.16 – Nuremburg, DE, K4!
22.10.16 – Berlin, DE, Ausland


Time and again Carla Bozulich has headed up bands that sound like nothing else and arguably stake out genres unto themselves: the bent agit-prop of Ethyl Meatplow; the ferocious roots-tinged epic rock of The Geraldine Fibbers; the vocal-driven sound-art of Scarnella and Evangelista; her large-scale performances including the ongoing Eyes For Ears series.

“If Boy emerged from the oeuvre of a broadsheet-friendly icon such as Nick Cave, Patti Smith or Tom Waits it would be lauded as an uncompromising work of genius.” – Sunday Times

“A roaming creativity and rich depth of emotion across its ten relatively compact tracks… [Boy] is anchored by the ever-visceral voice of Bozulich, as raw and emotion-soaked as ever, accompanied by the evocative instrumentation of Bozulich, her main collaborator John Eichenseer and drummer Andrea Belfi, subtly balancing angularity, noise and sparse restraint, painting and often dark and quietly unsettling, but utterly enthralling picture, shot through with flashes of heart-warming light.” – Rock-A-Rolla

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