Buñuel’s stunning album The Easy Way Out released via La Tempesta International and Goodfellas Records


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(Photo by Annapaola Martin)

A new chapter opens for Buñuel who are; Eugene S. Robinson(Oxbow), Pierpaolo Capovilla and Franz Valente (One Dimensional Man, Il Teatro Degli Orrori) and Xabier Iriondo (Afterhours). Carrying a grim world view from their first ground-breaking release A Resting Place For Strangers (produced by Xabier Iriondo and with vocals recorded by Monte Vallier from American Records band Swell) they are pleased to present their new album, The Easy Way Out,where Robinson fashions a world in decline that is taking us along with it.

The Easy Way Out has been released via La Tempesta International and Goodfellas Records and strengthens the furious up-tempo rock idea they have been known for since 2016. They have expanded their horizons including some slower tracks and driving us to unknown places
throughout a deconstructed atmosphere.

The Easy Way Out, recorded with producer Xabier Iriondo, sees Eugene dropping intense/visceral lyrics/vocals, Pierpaolo and Franz providing a sharp breathless rhythmic section that down-tempos it all, right into a certain kind of sonic hell, while Xabier’s guitars are thrilling and explosive, occasionally recalling the most unrestrained Detroit ’60s sound of angular blues and street riots.

Track list:
1 Boys To Men
2 The Hammer / The Coffin
3 Dial Tone
4 Sorrowfull Night
5 The Sanction
6 Happy Hour
7 The Roll
8 Augur
9 Shot
10 Where You Lay
11 Hooker

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Additional information:

Buñuel: From A RESTING PLACES FOR STRANGERS to THE EASY WAY OUT: a story of unlikely scissures.

Xabier Iriondo, Buñuel’s producer and guitarist, is the deus-ex-machina of some of the more adventurous musical projects that have been designed over the last 20 years in Italy. Playing with arguably the largest band in Italy at present, Afterhours,Tasaday, A Short Apnea and Uncode Duello, Iriondo has made in 40 records in the last 20 years on both majors (EMI, and others) and independent (Wallace Records, and more) labels, and since 2001 has been exploring a variety of homemade instruments to create a kaleidoscopic meta-language of sounds. He has played live in Europe, the USA, Israel and Japan and his homegrown label, PhonoMetak, has released music by Iceburn, Zu, Mats Gustafsson, Ovo, Damo Suzuki, On Fillmore (Glenn Kotche, Darin Gray), Talibam, Scarnella (Nels Cline, Carla Bozulich), Evan Parker, and more.

Pierpaolo Capovilla is a musician, author, singer and bass player of one of the seminal Italian groups of the ’90s, One Dimensional Man. With this band he’s performed shows in Italy and Europe, and published five albums of note in the Italian radical rock tradition.In 2005 he founded Il Teatro degli Orrori, in which he sings only, but this time in Italian. Il Teatro degli Orrori has become one of the most famous and appreciated rock bands in Italy, beloved of critics and fans. Finally, his never hidden love for the Russian 1900 poets saw him touring on Majakovskij poetry in a long tour of readings in theaters, clubs, community centers and occasional public places. Heresy, Auditorium Edizioni, is a DVD account of one of these readings.

Franz Valente, a vital slice of the italian rock band Il Teatro Degli Orrori, better known as a killer drummer, is also a composer and songwriter. He plays several instruments in his solo project Ex-Drummers and is a founder of Lume. When he’s not manning the skins behind Buñuel, he also plays drums in both One Dimensional Man, as well as Robox.

Eugene S. Robinson is a musician, author, actor and journalist in equal measure. Singing for over 30 years with seminal San Francisco band OXBOW (who Vice describes as the greatest art rock band in the world), as well as booking time in side projects with JAMIE STEWART from XIU XIU, the other Italian band of note ZU and French master of ceremonies Philippe Petit, Robinson’s lyrical and vocal work with Buñuel is the unrestrained iD to his OXBOW superego.

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