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Cover Rebecca Foon Waxing Moon
Cover Rebecca Foon Waxing Moon

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Rebecca Foon By Brigitte Henry 2019
Rebecca Foon By Brigitte Henry 2019

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Rebecca Foon, the composer and musician behind Saltland and Esmerine (and former long standing member of Silver Mt. Zion) presents a new album entitled Waxing Moon out now via Constellation.  

While best known as an incomparable cellist crafting textural soundscapes and instrumental chamber-rock in the aforementioned projects (and more recently recognized for her creative and organisational work as co-founder of Pathway To Paris), this new collection of songs finds Foon emphasising piano and voice with striking intimacy and elegance, showcasing a captivating evolution in her always resplendent songwriting. The climate crisis has profoundly framed Foon’s political and artistic life for many years now, and Waxing Moon finds her writing and singing her most arrestingly direct yet poetic words, tapping universal and personal heartbreak in both despair and hope.

 With Waxing Moon, Rebecca sets side the Saltland moniker – her electronically-tinged string-centric project from the past five years – to release this more personal new work under her own name. The album’s ten songs are predominantly minimal and delicate, immersive and hauntingly beautiful – with vocal-driven tracks booked-ended by piano-based instrumentals, along with one up-tempo guitar-driven number (“Wide Open Eyes”) that closes out Side One. While piano figures most prominently on the record, Foon continues to play cello on several tracks, complemented by gentle touches from a close coterie of musical guests including Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire) and Mishka Stein (Patrick Watson) on acoustic and electric basses, Sophie Trudeau (Godspeed You Black Emperor) on violin, Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes) on electric guitar, and Patrick Watson as co-vocalist on the dreamlike “Vessels”. Foon co-produced the album with Lasek at Montréal’s Breakglass studio and it sounds glorious. Waxing Moon is Rebecca Foon’s first eponymous release: a sublimely stunning, bracingly intimate, glimmeringly full-hearted new chapter in her celebrated musical catalogue. 

Foon is co-founder of Pathway To Paris, a non-profit organising concerts for climate action/awareness since 2015 that have featured Patti SmithMichael Stipe,Naomi KleinThom YorkeCat PowerBill Mckibben, and many others; all Waxing Moonroyalties shall be donated to Pathway and its  “1000 Cities” Green Transition initiative in collaboration with the United Nations. 

“This album is by far the most raw record I have ever made, and the most direct channeling of emotions I have ever put into music. We are in a time of enormous sadness and fear as humanity and all sentient beings are faced with incredible unknowns about our collective future. This album channels my love for our beautiful world and the personal heartbreak I have experienced over the last couple of years in my own life, amidst despair over our dying planet facing mass extinction. Making this music was a way for me to communicate on some level the interplay between the micro/macro, the exchange between trying to live in each precious moment while navigating the beauty, chaos and pain of being alive together, the spirit world that surrounds us and how it can touch us in the most unanticipated magical ways, and the human struggle of how to truly make a positive impact in these dire times – with all the hope and loss of hope that comes with it. Making this music has saved me on so many levels, and I hope it can provide some connection to another realm for a moment as it did for me. I am so grateful. With love and hope for a renewable, equitable and just world. xoxo” – Rebecca Foon

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