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Montreal-based musician Markus Lake uses his laptop to improvise delicate and complex soundscapes combining digital synthesis and live signal processing techniques. Since his 2011 debut EP released on Dream Sequence Records, Lake’s recorded work has explored various themes through a constantly expanding palette of digital instruments. 

Lake’s forthcoming release Third Album will be out on Constellation Records in May 2020. Live, Markus combines his soundscapes with samples from the black literary canon. He is an Electroacoustics graduate from Concordia University who has also played bass in the Montreal bands Egyptian Cotton Arkestra, Elle Barbara’s Black Space, Silver Dapple, Hand Cream as well as lending his voice to the short-lived punk band, Neighbour’s Guitar.

Markus Floats
Third Album

180gLP / CD / Digital

Release date: 01 May 2020


01  Forward (6:18)
02  And (7:04)
03  Forward Again (2:57)
04  Always (6:45)
05  Moving (2:19)
06  Forward Always (7:33)

GENRE: Electronic / Modern Composition
RIYL: Vangelis, Dedekind Cut, James Ferraro, Oren Ambarchi, 
Christian Fennesz, Terry Riley