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Photo credit: Jammi York
Photo credit: Jammi York



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Human Impact, the NYC-outfit featuring Chris Spencer (Unsane)Jim Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop)Chris Pravdica (Swans) and Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop/Swans), have signed to Ipecac Recordings.

The sum of its parts, indeed! Each member of Human Impact brings a musical pedigree from some of the best noise that the city of New York has ever spawned. We were honoured to get the call and asked to provide the platform to help launch this band,” said Ipecac co-founder Greg Werckman

Human Impact’s first recordings are a dark mirror held up to the band’s collective pre-history – the sound and story of Unsane, Swans, Cop Shoot Cop, and New York City itself. It’s sound is cinematic post-industrial filth rock, a dozen run down subway stops away from recognisable civilisation, as futuristic as it is grounded in its sordid heritage. The result is a potent, hard-boiled distillation of this sonic ethos.

Chris Spencer’s infamous Telecaster assault cuts a more nuanced path (though no less intense), downplaying distortion for razor edged chording and note choices – a heaviness more implied than hammered home. Jim Coleman’s electronics and sampling provides an overarching dystopian soundscape, an uneasy, agitated framework for Spencer’s more earthbound guitar and vocals, here more wary than antagonistic, more considered than accusatory. Anchoring this shifting territory in place, the surgical punctuations of drummer Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop, Swans) and the dead-on bass contortions of Chris Pravdica (Swans), Puleo and Pravdica toying with rhythm, circling it like sharks, and at other times, driving it home with lockstep precision.

Recorded at BC Studios by veteran New York noise sculptor Martin Bisi Sonic Youth, Unsane, Cop Shoot Cop) and recorded and mixed by Alan Camlet at Hoboken Recorders. Human Impact are a four-man hit squad controlling, gainfully, a musical genre they helped build. As much a nod to a pre-Giuliani, unsterilised New York as a soundtrack to a dystopian Ballard book, Human Impact is the score to a challenging future fast approaching.

Debut album released 13th March 2020 on Ipecac Recordings


Following the release of their debut self-titled album, Human Impact have kept busy and continued writing and recording more songs they will be releasing over the coming months. The first of those new singles, “Contact” (which debuted via Louder Sound), was written and recorded shortly before the outbreak of Covid-19. 

An eerie premonition, it predicts the new reality we all currently inhabit. In anticipation of this release, and as an act of connection in this time of isolation, the band put a call out to fans across the globe for video footage to use in the video for “Contact” showing how the Coronavirus has affected all our daily lives and environment. Asking the question: What does this new reality look like for you? About the music and video,

Human Impact remark: “We’d like to write songs about humankind living in harmony and balance with the world, about governments and corporations being of and for the people. But those songs would be narcotic lullabies spitting in the wind of what’s real. We wish this song were wrong. “Contact” was written, recorded and mixed just before the global COVID-19 pandemic hit. Originally written as a response to a feeling of international vulnerability to the spread of disease via air travel, the song’s lyrics proved to be an uneasy and uncanny prediction, foreshadowing our current quarantined reality.” 

As residents of North America’s hardest hit city, the band has earmarked their proceeds from the song to be donated to the NYC COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Human Impact ask fans to consider donating to this or their local charities as well.