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Credit: Reid Haithcock
The Body & Full Of Hell Credit: Reid Haithcock
Full Of Hell live
Full Of Hell live, Photo credit Reid Haithcock
Full Of Hell
Photo credit Reid Haithcock
Full Of Hell
Photo credit Reid Haithcock




Press statement

Neurot Recordings has released the full-length collaborative debut between apocalyptic doom duo, The Body, and grindcore/harsh noise sculptors, Full Of Hell. Fittingly titled One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache, this offering boasts eight scathing hymns along with two bonus tracks.

Both acts are unstoppable tour machines and joined forces for a massive 2015 North American live takeover. Amidst the chaos, the two groups found time to record together at Machines With Magnets in Providence, Rhode Island. The session eventually culminated into One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache, which is ultimately an audio reflection of their surroundings and their inability to cope therein.

One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache Track Listing:
1. One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache
2. Fleshworks
3. The Butcher
4. Gehorwilt
5. World of Hope And No Pain
6. Himmel Und Hölle
7. Bottled Urn
8. The Little Death
9. Cain *
10. Abel *
*Bonus track

Forged in 1999 in Little Rock, Arkansas and now based in Portland, Oregon, The Body has been massively prolific since their inception with a sound that is uncategorized and unmatched. The duo writes and acts as one, a deafening wail against a failing species.

Full Of Hell was formed in 2009 in Ocean City, Maryland. In similar ethos, the band has remained relentlessly productive both on stage and in recorded form and has continued to challenge themselves, channeling resonances from across the spectrum of extreme music into a nihilistic wall of oppressive sound.

Through their own respective recordings, both The Body and Full of Hell are internationally-revered as forward-thinking entities of harsh music, delivering their audio torment through incredibly intense and often unorthodox methods. The Body’s 2010-released All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood sophomore LP stands among the band’s high points and remains on of the most groundbreaking (and frightening) albums in recent times. Their subsequent releases, including several LPs and have continued to expand upon this seminal release. Similarly, Full Of Hell rapidly became a favourite amongst hardcore, grind, death and noise metal fans upon their formation with an incredibly energetic and destructive live attack. Their 2013-released Rudiments Of Mutilation sophomore LP solidified them as one of the most damaging new acts going, and since its detonation, the band’s intensity and hunger for experimentation continues to magnify.

Both acts are proven collaborators, relishing the results of collective efforts to create life-numbing constellations of distortion and depravity. The two members of The Body have joined forces with arcane producer The Haxan Cloak (Bobby Krlic) for the I Shall Die Here long player, Louisiana’s darkest sludge troupe Thou for Released From Love and You, Whom I Have Always Hated, as well as Nothing Passes with Braveyoung and a myriad of splits with artists as diverse and detesting as Australia’s Whitehorse, Japan’s Vampillia, Rhode Island’s Sandworm and New Jersey’s Krieg taking their virulent, insidious influence to unsuspecting destinations both stateside and abroad. Full Of Hell made a huge impression on the ears of fans and those previously unfamiliar with the band with 2014’s two-part alliance with internationally feared noisemonger Merzbow, which resulted in the Full Of Hell & Merzbow LP and the subsequent Sister Fawn EP. Their discography is littered with noise-sodden demos and splits that wrench Full Of Hell into fresh dimensions of heaviness and extremity, and their constant live actions never cease to stun.

Neurot Recordings released One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache on March 25th with bundles available at the Neurot webstore

The song captures elements of both bands’ output and distills it into a new kind of form that you might not expect. A viscous drumline introduces the track, paired with obscured vocals and a covering of static. The combinations of these different elements create a very tense, anxious atmosphere. It’s a feeling that’s also well-explored in the video, showing a pregnant woman being abducted overlaid with dark, strange photos of a desert landscape.” – NOISEY

A strangely captivating audio experience. The likes of ‘The Butcher’ and ‘Gerhorwilt’ come across as if they’re he soundtrack to a Lynchian nightmare…these two bands work so well together…a lovely dose of pure unfiltered unpleasantness.” –

This release never feels like it is heading too much in one direction, managing to stay dynamic and repugnant at all time by switching between tortured doom and frantic attack. That tortured vibe carries through One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache in every choice these bands make, resulting in a record that is both cohesive and hellish, and inevitably providing the perfect soundtrack to the latter. 9/10” –

One part noisy electronics, one part thick, droning sludge, one part blast-beat-centric hardcore, and a whole hell of a lot of negative emotions, One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache is the result of two extremely competent bands doing what they do best, together. This is not a pretty record; this is not a subtle record. This album is everything disgusting and vile on this planet mashed into a half-hour of sound. 4.5/5” – HEAVY BLOG IS HEAVY

One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache sets out firmly on a mission to batter and pulverise all in its path, unleashing turmoil in ear-punishingly brittle percussion and regurgitated words spun into digital echo limbo.” – FREQ



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