A Storm of Light share new track “Prime Time” take from their incoming album Anthroscene,

(photo supplied by band)
A Storm of Light share a new track entiled “Prime Time” taken from their fifth full length Anthroscene, to be released via Consouling Sounds (EU and UK), Translation Loss (US) and Daymare (JP) on 5th October. EU tour dates with Mono start 1st Oct (full dates below).
In an interview with Popmatters, who premiered the track, Josh Graham reveals the thinking behind it “Over the course of Anthroscene, a lot of the lyrics are both reactions to, and descriptions about the decaying state of society: the current political nightmare unfolding in countless countries, the evolution of society through technology and social media, climate change, climate change denial, fear, isolationism, etc etc.  Lyrically though, I wanted a decent chunk of the record to be more surreal; more of a current self-portrait of humanity told through a haze of drugs and paranoia. Prime Time is one of those songs, and focuses on the current US opiate crisis. It’s kind of told through the eyes of a corrupt, drug dealing and drug addicted pimp politician.  This one also exercises personal demons.  I have people in my life who struggle with prescription opiates, and it kills me. It’s almost impossible to navigate. Reading articles about people like Richard Sackler are just par for the course; an endless circle of the the rich eating the poor”
(cover artwork, hi res available)
   1 Prime Time 
   2 Blackout     
   3 Short Term Feedback   
   4 Life Will Be Violent   
   5 Slow Motion Apocalypse   
   6 Dim  
   7 Laser Fire Forget   
  8 Rosebud
01/10 – UK Bristol, The Fleece 
02/10 – UK Norwich, Arts Centre 
03/10 – UK Glasgow, Classic Grand  
04/10 – UK Newcastle, The Cluny 
05/10 – UK Leeds, Left Bank 
06/10 – BE Ghent, De Central 
07/10 – NL Utrecht, Tivoli De Helling 
08/10 – DE Bremen, Tower 
09/10 – DE Dresden, Beatpol 
10/10 – DE Wiesbaden, Schlacthof 
11/10 – CH Aarau, Kiff
12/10 – FR Lyon, CCO
13/10 – ES Barcelona, AMFest
14/10 – FR Toulouse, Le Rex 
15/10 – FR Bordeaux, Iboat 
16/10 – FR Orleans, Astrolabe 
17/10 – NL Heerlen, Nieuwe Nor
18/10 – DE Oberhausen, Drucklufthaus
19/10 – NL Leeuwarden, Into The Void 
20/10 – GR Athens, Fuzz Club 
22/10 – RU Moscow, Zil
23/10 – RU St. Petersburg, Zal
“If you want to invoke the apocalypse, it helps to read the runes first. NYC’s A Storm Of Light, like Killing Joke, Anaal Nathrakh and Ministry, always sound as if they’re accelerating towards some all-encompassing moment of reckoning, but their fuel is an endless tank of genuine disgust, frustration and a keen eye on the belligerent shitshow unfolding all around us – a perspective that becomes a vividly psychedelic experience. Back five years and one new presidential term after their last album, Nations To Flames, A Storm Of Light have a whole new reservoir of volatile bile to burn and a new sonic scope to torch. The result is the charged, and stunning new album, Anthroscene”  METAL HAMMER/LOUDER

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