A Storm Of Light are back with a new album to be released in time for live dates with Mono this October


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(photo supplied by the band)

A Storm of Light return with news of a new record. Five years after their last studio album (Nation To Flames, Southern Lord), Josh Graham and his companions Chris Common, Dan Hawkins and Domenic Seita have been working on their fifth full length Anthroscene which shall be released via Consouling Sounds (EU and UK) and Translation Loss (US) this Autumn.

A Storm Of Light will be presenting their new album across Europe in October, performing alongside Mono – see the list of dates below.


01/10 – UK Bristol, The Fleece
02/10 – UK Norwich, Arts Centre
03/10 – UK Glasgow, Classic Grand
04/10 – UK Newcastle, The Cluny
05/10 – UK Leeds, Left Bank
06/10 – BE Ghent, De Central
07/10 – NL Utrecht, Tivoli De Helling
08/10 – DE Bremen, Tower
09/10 – DE Dresden, Beatpol
10/10 – DE Wiesbaden, Schlacthof
11/10 – CH Aarau, Kiff
12/10 – FR Lyon, CCO
13/10 – ES Barcelona, AMFest
14/10 – FR Toulouse, Le Rex
15/10 – FR Bordeaux, Iboat
16/10 – FR Orleans, Astrolabe
17/10 – NL Heerlen, Nieuwe Nor
18/10 – DE Oberhausen, Drucklufthaus
19/10 – NL Leeuwarden, Into The Void
20/10 – GR Athens, Fuzz Club
22/10 – RU Moscow, Zil
23/10 – RU St. Petersburg, Zal


“Concise, brutally to the point…a thrashier and more dense Killing Joke or a more metallic 90s era Ministry.” – TERRORIZER

“Building crackling conflagrations of doom and thrash that let not a chink of light in.” – UNCUT

“The attack is more akin to calculated drone strikes. Cruising more in the realm of Killing Joke and even early Metallica, Nations To Flames drops much of the dirge in favour of directness…in comes taut, thunderous and minimal blitzkriegs that project the same abjectly bleak worldview.” – METAL HAMMER

“Intense is an appropriate word throughout. From the rat-a-tat-tat machine gun snare hits of opener ‘Fall’ and its chaotic background burble of a clashing crowd, there’s a permanent atmosphere of
dystopia, the band positioning themselves amongst the chaos to pass judgement on a collapsing society. Close your eyes and all you’re likely to see is blazing buildings and a power struggle on the streets.” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT


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