A Storm Of Light announce details of their new album “Anthroscene’ and share the audio for ‘Slow Motion Apocalypse’

A Storm Of Light



A Storm of Light return with a new record. Five years after their last studio album (Nation To Flames, Southern Lord), Josh Graham and his companions Chris Common, Dan Hawkins and Domenic Seita have completed their fifth full length Anthroscene, to be released via Consouling Sounds (EU and UK), Translation Loss (US) and Daymare (JP) on 5th October.

Josh Graham explains the different mood on this record; Anthroscene ignores genre and freely combines a lot our our early influences. Christian Death, The Cure, Discharge, Lard, Fugazi, Big Black, Ministry, Pailhead, Melvins, Pink Floyd, Killing Joke, NIN, Tool, etc.  Where Nations to Flames was a very a focused sonic assault, this record has more time to breathe, yet still keeps the intensity intact. We allowed the songs to venture into new territory and push our personal boundaries. It’s heavy and intense, but always focuses on interwoven melodies, song structure and dynamic. Bringing Dan Hawkins (old friend and high school bandmate) on second guitar and keyboards, has further expanded the album’s palette”. 

Lyrically the songs are an honest, brutal and emotional response to what is happening all around us: the disaster of American politics, racism, greed, climate change, climate change denial, nationalism, war, refugees, and how technology is actively changing us as human beings.  

Josh continues…”The current events happening across the planet right now are very overwhelming. It’s difficult not to feel very hopeless at times. This record is a big cathartic release….not offering much in the way of fixes, but serving more as a surreal document of our current times.“

With everyone being spread out across the US, the band worked separately and shared files online.  From there Josh would put together modified ideas that bridged the different styles, getting a similar result to rehearsing in a room together: “This writing process is a good example of how technology is changing the way we work and interact with each other. In some ways it is great…this would have been almost impossible even ten years ago. In other ways it feels like human contact is being replaced by screen-contact. At times I feel like I am anchored to, and becoming one with the computer. Between music, my design work, composing, music videos, concert visuals, etc etc, it’s all in the computer. No escape. In the background is social media and streaming news, etc. Louis CK said something like — we watch all of these atrocities regularly on little streaming videos, and before that comes on, we see some mundane commercial, like it’s our penance for getting to watch all of this from the comforts of our home. This article was also an influence to some of the lyrics, along the same lines”.


   1 Prime Time 
   2 Blackout     
   3 Short Term Feedback   
   4 Life Will Be Violent   
   5 Slow Motion Apocalypse   
   6 Dim  
   7 Laser Fire Forget   
  8 Rosebud



01/10 – UK Bristol, The Fleece 

02/10 – UK Norwich, Arts Centre 

03/10 – UK Glasgow, Classic Grand  

04/10 – UK Newcastle, The Cluny 

05/10 – UK Leeds, Left Bank 

06/10 – BE Ghent, De Central 

07/10 – NL Utrecht, Tivoli De Helling 

08/10 – DE Bremen, Tower 

09/10 – DE Dresden, Beatpol 

10/10 – DE Wiesbaden, Schlacthof 

11/10 – CH Aarau, Kiff

12/10 – FR Lyon, CCO

13/10 – ES Barcelona, AMFest

14/10 – FR Toulouse, Le Rex 

15/10 – FR Bordeaux, Iboat 

16/10 – FR Orleans, Astrolabe 

17/10 – NL Heerlen, Nieuwe Nor

18/10 – DE Oberhausen, Drucklufthaus

19/10 – NL Leeuwarden, Into The Void 

20/10 – GR Athens, Fuzz Club 

22/10 – RU Moscow, Zil

23/10 – RU St. Petersburg, Zal


“If you want to invoke the apocalypse, it helps to read the runes first. NYC’s A Storm Of Light, like Killing Joke, Anaal Nathrakh and Ministry, always sound as if they’re accelerating towards some all-encompassing moment of reckoning, but their fuel is an endless tank of genuine disgust, frustration and a keen eye on the belligerent shitshow unfolding all around us – a perspective that becomes a vividly psychedelic experience. Back five years and one new presidential term after their last album, Nations To Flames, A Storm Of Light have a whole new reservoir of volatile bile to burn and a new sonic scope to torch. The result is the charged, and stunning new album, Anthroscene”  METAL HAMMER/LOUDER



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