The Body And Full Of Hell reveal a new video for their song, “Farewell, Man”, new album incoming on Nov.17th via Thrill Jockey

The Body And Full Of Hell reveal a new video for their song,

The collaborative force of The Body & Full of Hell is in powerful form on their new album, Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light, out on the 17th November via Thrill Jockey. Today we can reveal the video for their song “Farewell, Man,” directed by Cody Stauder.

About the video, Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker remarks, “when we were writing “Farewell, Man”, we wanted to encapsulate the free base form of what makes the body what they are and what makes Full of Hell what we are. The structuring is simple and blown out and there’s an extreme variance in tempo. The video was filmed in the Appalachian woods of Pennsylvania. The focus and subject of the video is an immersion baptism, which becomes a drowning. We placed a lot of focus on colour and light in each shot and I think it visually represents some of what’s going on throughout this record.”


Written and recorded in one week at Machines with Magnets in Providence, the music of Ascending draws from unexpected sources such as reggaetón and jungle (“Master’s Story”). There are some familiar guests to The Body fans, namely vocalist Chrissy Wolpert (Assembly of Light Choir) and Ben Eberle (Sandworm), as well as first time collaborator drummer Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt, Black Pus), whom both bands share a strong aesthetic of individualism.

Full Of Hell are currently touring across the USA, check out the dates via Facebook. The Body & Full of Hell plan to tour together in early 2018.


1. Light Penetrates
2. Earth Is A Cage
3. The King Laid Bare
4. Didn’t The Night End
5. Our Love Conducted With Shields Aloft
6. Master’s Story
7. Farewell, Man
8. I Did Not Want To Love You So

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“It’s a rare show of restraint from two of the underground’s most
pulverizing groups. When the Body and Full of Hell pull back, they
somehow hit even hit harder.” – PITCHFORK

“Sounds like a rave in a collapsing black hole.” – METAL HAMMER

“The Body and Full of Hell set out to innovate with this project, and
they’ve certainly done it.” – METAL SUCKS

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