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Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss cover

Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss cover by Henrik Uldalen

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Chelsea Wolfe (image by Shaina Hedlund)

Chelsea Wolfe (image by Shaina Hedlund)


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Chelsea Wolfe has returned with her fourth full length album, Abyss, out now on Sargent House. Her fifth full length album, Abyss explores themes of sleep paralysis, the unconscious and subconscious, failure, distortion, destruction, intimacy, anxiety, longing and much more. On Abyss, Wolfe continued her ongoing collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and co-writer Ben Chisholm and drummer Dylan Fujioka, with Ezra Buchla brought on board to play viola and Mike Sullivan (Russian Circles) enlisted to contribute guitar. The ensemble traveled to Dallas, TX to record with producer John Congleton (Swans, St. Vincent,) with results that tremble with a visceral intensity.

Wolfe released the stark black and white video for newest single, “Carrion Flowers,” directed by herself and bandmate Ben Chisholm, with all editing by Chisholm. Shot in California and New York state, Wolfe shares,

“The visuals in the video allude to the drought in California and frustration about corporations being allowed to pump out all the water, destroying environments and communities, just to sell it back. While writing Abyss, I lived near where the water is piped into Los Angeles, but the lakes were dried up and the mountains were burned from fires. During filming we were exploring cracked lake beds and washed out roads – at one point I was laying in the middle of an abandoned canyon road with no chance of a car coming, and it was very surreal and quiet. I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them there were vultures circling overhead like I was some exotic roadkill, so we filmed them too.

The scribbles and ropes in the video are about my own madness and self-doubt, and costume designer Jenni Hensler made me a human cocoon from this insane fabric – it represents a feeling of claustrophobia, like you just want to scratch your way out of it. And there is anger in this song; it’s got a sense of revenge for anyone who has suffered or died because of injustice.”

Sleep paralysis plagues singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe, and that strange intersection of the conscious and the unconscious has inadvertently manifested itself within her work. Across the span of her first four albums, there is an underlying tension, a distorted and nebulous territory where dark shadows hover along the edges of the sublime and the graceful. But until now, Wolfe’s trials and tribulations with the boundaries between dreams and reality have only been a subconscious influence on her work. With her fifth album, Abyss, she deliberately confronts those boundaries and crafts a score to that realm she describes as the “hazy afterlife . . . an inverted thunderstorm . . . the dark backward . . . the abyss of time.”


1. Carrion Flowers
2. Iron Moon
3. Dragged Out
4. Maw
5. Grey Days
6. After the Fall
7. Crazy Love
8. Simple Death
9. Survive
10. Color of Blood
11. The Abyss

Abyss  order links are available on iTunes and via the label, and fans can read the full statement behind the album here.


Chelsea Wolfe recently announced the release of the Hypnos/Flame 7” April 1st via Sargent House, b-sides from her most recent album Abyss. We can share a haunting new video for “Hypnos”. “Hypnos” and “Flame” are both spare and haunting; even at her quietest Wolfe’s music is full of tension and fierceness. “Hypnos” is available to listen and share now via the Sargent House soundcloud. The two songs are available on a special deluxe version of Abyss, available digitally now, which also features demo versions of album tracks “Grey Days,” “Simple Death,” and “Survive. Orders are available for the 7” via Sargent House, and digitally via iTunes.







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