Jozef Van Wissem to release new album, Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back, via Consouling Sounds 10th Nov

Jozef Van Wissem to release new album, Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back, via Consouling Sounds 10th Nov
(photo credit: Elena Karpova)

Jozef Van Wissem, minimalist composer and exemplary, exploratory (custom-built) lute player, invites us to surrender to his strange musical world on his new solo record Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back (Consouling Sounds, 10 November).

After the release of 2016’s When Shall This Bright Day Begin, Jozef Van Wissem returns to Consouling Sounds for this follow-up album which is inspired by a vanitas painting by the Belgian artist Cindy Wright (also the cover of the album – see below). This inspiration is beautifully reflected in the music of the album: Jozef Van Wissem’s lute arrangements sound fragile, his sparse vocals delicate, as if the vanity, the temporality and senselessness of everything has been rendered audible. Each song title refers to the painting, making each track a memento mori on its own. This is counterbalanced by the intense, and deeply contemplative sounds of the album. Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back might very well be the purest, most expansive Van Wissem album to date.



Having performed over 800 solo lute concerts in churches and at concert venues around the world, including prestigious rock festivals like Primavera Sound, we are pleased to announce forthcoming live performances which Jozef shall be playing throughout the Autumn and Winter period.


Sept 2 Palace W Gorzanowie, Gorzanow (PL)
Sept 3 Domoffon Festival, Lodz (PL)
Sept 5 Dom Kulturu 13 Muz, Szczecin (PL)
Sept 7 Dom Arkhitektorov, Kiev (UA)
Sept 8 St Paul Church, Odessa (UA)
Sept 9 Art Kvartira, Dnipro (UA)
Sept 10 Art Area Dk, kharkov (UA)
Sept 11 Wielory, Zhytomir (UA)
Sept 12 Khmelnitsk Art Center, Khmelnitsky (UA)
Sept 13 Fredra.61, Lviv (UA)
Sept 14 Brugge, Minsk (BY)
Sept 15 Kirtimų Kultūros Centras, Vilnius (LT)
Sept 17 National Architecture Museum, Ridola (IT)
Sept 28 Spitalkirche, Baden- Baden (DE)
Sept 29 La Reliure, Geneva (CH)
Oct 1 Industry, Luzern (CH)
Oct 4 La Malterie, Lille (FR)
Oct 5 Espace B, Paris (FR)
Oct 6 Chateau H. Toulouse (FR)
Oct 12 Erarta Museum, St Petersburg (RU)
Oct 13 Central House Of Artists, Moscow (RU)
Oct 19 Control Club, Bucharest (RO)
Nov 2 Gertrudes Ielas Teatris, Riga (LV)
Nov 12 Ancienne Belgique – Brussels (BE)
Nov 18 Chiesa Luterana, Trieste (IT)
Nov 25 L’aquilone, Liege (BE)
Nov 30 The Old Church, London (UK)
Dec 1 The Old Church, London (UK)

Tour dates updated here:

Jozef Van Wissem to release new album, Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back, via Consouling Sounds 10th Nov


1. Virium Illarium
2. Golden Bells Ring in the Ears of Earth’s Inhabitants
3. Your Days Gone Like a Shadow
4. The Empty Cup of Suffering
5. Let Us Come Before His Presence In His Hands Are all the Corners
6. Enable with Perpetual Light the Dullness of our Blinded Sight
7. The Conversation
8. Our Bones Lie Scattered Before the Pit

Additional notes for editorial:

In 2013 van Wissem won the Cannes Soundtrack Award for best score at the Cannes Film Festival for “Only Lovers Left Alive”. Van Wissem has played live and recorded with Jim Jarmusch, Tilda Swinton and Zola Jesus. In 2017 Van Wissem self-released a live record entitled “New Lute Music For Film”.

“Brevity, simplicity, directness is the key”– QUIETUS

“As both an avant-garde composer and a lutenist playing Baroque music,
this Dutch artist is no stranger to dichotomy.– NEW YORK TIMES

“[H]e’s been pushing the lute’s agenda out of the academy and into
more accessible circles” – PITCHFORK

“[T]he baroque sharp-tuned dances he weaves around the gothic
gloom-chorales of Wisconsin-raised dark-pop enigma Zola Jesus possess
an occult delicate beauty” – MOJO

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