BIG | BRAVE share video for new song “Sound”

BIG | BRAVE by Pascha Marrow #3
(photo credit: Pascha Marrow)

Montreal three-piece BIG|BRAVE share an official video for “Sound”, a brand new track from their forthcoming third album, Ardor, due out September 15th via Southern Lord. The trio also share headline tour dates in support of the album, with Jessica Moss (who features on the album) performing in support on some dates. Full details of which follow below…


The video, featuring vocalist & guitarist Robin Wattie and created by guitarist Mathieu Ball, is a powerful demonstration in the art of balancing silence and noise. “Sound” captures the soulbaring emotion that saturates their vast, abstract and often hypnotic sounds. Big|Brave explain:

Not usually being huge fans of music videos, we decided to make this video with the same approach we have when It comes to writing music. Translating the aural and emotional qualities of the song meant using minimalistic, slowed down and layered visuals. With our live performances, we definitely try to make it an immersive and
introspective experience. The single shot of Robin attempts at recreating these feelings by confronting head on the viewer/spectator.
Like the trailer we recently shared, it speaks volumes regarding what’s to come in BIG|BRAVE’s next endeavor; swirling static, booming guitars, powerful drums—all the hallmarks that have made them one of experimental rock’s most exciting acts today. With just three songs that clock in for a 40-minute-long LP, BIG|BRAVE have adopted a nearly unbearable level of urgency and intensity that weaves throughout Ardor.


Sat 21/10 – UK, Brighton – Sticky´s Mike Frog**
Sun 22/10 – UK, Manchester – Star and Garter**
Mon 23/10 – UK, London – Underworld**
Tue 24/10 – FRA, Lille – Le Biplan
Wen 25/10 – FRA, Rennes – Barhic**
Thur 26/10 – FRA, Nantes – Soy Festival**
Fri 27/10 – FRA, Rouen – 3 Pieces
Tues 07/11 – FRA, Lyon – Sonic
Wed 08/11 – BE, Antwerp – Autumn Falls @ Het Bos
Thur 09/11 – NL, Utrecht – Le Guess Who?
Mon 13/11 – DE, Oldenburg – MTS
Tues 14/11 – DE, Mannheim – Kurzbar
Fri 17/11 – DE, Dresden – Scheune
**with Jessica Moss
(Further Dates to be confirmed soon)

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